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Certificate II Automotive Tyre Servicing Technology

This course prepares new or existing employees, who are performing servicing of vehicle tyres in an automotive service or repair business.

AUR21916 Certificate II in Automotive Tyre Servicing Technology is a nationally recognised qualification covering the skills and knowledge required to perform a range of tasks related to servicing tyres of light, heavy & agricultural vehicles.

Core Units

  • AURAEA002 Follow environmental and sustainability best practice in an automotive workplace
  • AURASA002 Follow safe work practices in an automotive workplace
  • AURATA001 Identify basic automotive faults using troubleshooting processes
  • AURTTK002 Use and maintain tools and equipment in an automotive workplace

Elective Units

  • AURLTJ011 Select light vehicle tyres and wheels for specific applications
  • AURLTJ002 Remove, inspect, repair and refit light vehicle tyres and tubes
  • AURLTJ013 Remove, inspect and refit light vehicle wheel and tyre assemblies
  • AURHTJ002 Select heavy vehicle tyres, wheels and rims for specific applications
  • AURHTJ003 Remove, inspect and refit heavy vehicle wheel and tyre assemblies
  • AURHTJ006 Remove, inspect, repair and refit heavy vehicle tyres and tubes
  • AURHTJ004 Remove, inspect, repair and refit agricultural equipment tyres and tubes
  • AURKTJ015 Select earthmoving and off-the-road tyres, wheels and rim assemblies for specific applications
  • AURKTJ016 Use earthmoving and off-the-road tyre handlers
  • AURAFA001 Use numbers in an automotive workplace
  • AURAFA002 Read and respond to automotive workplace information
  • AURAFA003 Communicate effectively in an automotive workplace
  • AURETR015 Inspect, test and service batteries
  • AURHTJ007 Remove, inspect, repair and refit industrial tyres and tubes
  • AURJTJ001 Remove, inspect and refit motorcycle wheel and tyre assemblies
  • AURJTJ002 Remove, inspect, repair and refit motorcycle tyres and tubes
  • AURKTJ013 Perform minor repairs to earthmoving and off-the-road tyres
  • AURTTA004 Carry out servicing operations
  • AURTTB001 Inspect and service braking systems
  • AURTTC001 Inspect and service cooling systems
  • AURTTD002 Inspect and service steering systems
  • AURTTD004 Inspect and service suspension systems
  • AURTTE004 Inspect and service engines
  • AURTTF001 Inspect and service petrol fuel systems
  • AURTTJ011 Balance wheels and tyres
  • AURTTJ012 Remove, inspect and refit wheel hubs and associated brake components

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