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A motor vehicle repairer's certificate is a "licence" for individuals who

  • Own a repair business and do repair work; or
  • Supervise the repair work of others; or
  • Works under a supervisor who does not have a certificate for the same class of repair work that you do; or
  • Do repair work unsupervised on or off site.

In addition, as a certified repairer you can only supervise repair work for the class of repairs for which you are qualified. You may apply for certification for more than one class of repair work if you hold the appropriate qualifications and these will be endorsed on your certificate.

Formal Qualification and Training

The qualifications a person must have completed to be deemed “sufficiently qualified” in a particular class of repair work, are set out in Regulation 8 of the Motor Vehicle Repairers Regulations 2007. Please refer to the classes of motor vehicle repair work page on the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety website for the associated prescribed qualifications.

The prescribed qualifications can be achieved by completing an apprenticeship, or other relevant training, through a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) e.g. Institute of Technology (TAFE). As the names of the training packages, as well as the individual certificates, have changed over the years, if you hold a qualification which supersedes those prescribed by the Regulations for a particular class of repair work, your application can still be considered.

If you completed an Australian apprenticeship prior to 1999, you would have received a Trade Certificate in the trade you completed e.g. “Trade Certificate in Motor Mechanics”.  You may have also been issued a Certificate of Trade Studies for completing the theory component of your apprenticeship e.g. “Certificate of Trade Studies Automotive Mechanical”.  These certificates can still be considered if they are directly relevant to the class of repair work for which you are applying.

If you have lost your Western Australian trade certificate you may be able to obtain an “Extract of Apprenticeship Record” by contacting the Apprenticeship Office on 13 19 54 or email.

Third Party Skills Assessment/Certification Test

If you do not hold a prescribed qualification for a particular class of repair work you can complete a third party skills assessment. Depending on the third party assessor, a report may be sent directly to Consumer Protection at the completion of the test.

We offer the following MVRC courses:

  • 18 Light Vehicle Work (gross vehicle mass of less than 8000kg) (LVW)
  • 24 Steering, Suspension and Wheel Aligning Work (SSW)
  • 27 Tyre Fitting (Heavy) Work (TFH)
  • 28 Tyre Fitting (Light) Work (TFL)
  • 29 Underbody Work (UNW)
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