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P2E Graduation

This week at Cartec Training we have seen the graduation of 12 students who successfully completed the Passport2Employment (P2E) program. The P2E program is a community initiative helping students with disabilities to prepare for employment and further education after secondary schooling.

The transition from school to adult life can present young people with a range of options, possibilities, decisions, and challenges. The P2E program aims to prepare, support and assist students for this transition, by providing them with skills, information, work experience and knowledge about these options and the potential challenges they may have to overcome.

The overall aim of the program was to get all participants to graduate from the program with positive aspirations and attitudes towards life after school and a belief in what they want to achieve, along with providing them with some of the skills to achieve their own goals.

We have run this program over 7 weeks, and we have come to know these amazing young adults, and the change that we have noticed in their self-esteem and confidence has been incredible.  Congratulations to all of you for undertaking this program.  Keep believing in yourselves and what you can achieve.

Cartec Training Team

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